Moving 101

Top 5 Tips for a Smooth Move


Do your research!

There are many factors that come into playing during a move. You must decide where to move, when to move, how to move, etc. When it comes to where, think: where will my career blossom? Where is the safest place to raise a family? Where are the best school systems? Where has a reasonable cost of living? Whatever you decide, make sure that you plan to take the time to consider the multitude of options available.

 Family moving into new home


Why hire a moving company?

Moving typically becomes more an adventure than expected and comes with many unexpected obstacles. Choosing a reputable moving company, like MMA Moving Members, can help make the process as smooth as possible and allow you to focus on all the other complications of moving.


What should you move?

It is amazing how much stuff gets accumulated in a home over time. This may be a great time to purge and donate items you do not use very often, or even a time to assess what you have a reorganize! Pile up the keeps and don’t keeps, yellow post its = donate, blue post its= keep.


Pack pack pack it up!

How to pack your possession is definitely something to consider and plan out. Bubble wrap may be a must! Moving companies like our MMA Mover Members may offer assistance with the actual packing. Make sure and ask your mover! One thing is for sure . . . there will be boxes.


Make a schedule and stick to it!

Packing becomes less and less stressful the more organized you stay. One of the biggest pitfalls in a move is writing your move in date on the calendar and walking away. Next thing you know, move in day is next week! Keeping a schedule will reduce your stress level ten-fold.