Highway Violence has Truckers Nervous

on Jul 15, 2016

By Sandi Soendker, Land Line editor-in-chief

The rash of random highway shootings lends a darker meaning to phrases like defensive driving and the friendly “travel safe.” Especially for those who spend the most time on the nation’s highways.

Last month, more highway shootings in Phoenix made headlines along with a chilling report of a UPS driver who was randomly shot at in St. Louis while doing his job.

Jon Osburn, OOIDA senior member and pilot of the Association’s tour truck, reports a lot of talk on the road about the violence.

“The talk now is from drivers that are worried about going into potentially dangerous places,” said Osburn. “Seasoned truckers of all types talk to me every day. They don’t want to deliver or pick up in those cities, the places where demonstrators are blocking highway, shooting and throwing things.”

Recently, Land Line polled readers on its website, asking if their truck had ever been shot at or had rocks thrown at it. Of those who responded, 51.72 percent said yes, 31.03 percent said no, and 17.24 percent said they thought so, but weren’t sure.

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Source: OOIDA/LandLine Magazine