Tariff Information

Household Goods Mover Requirements

Household goods carriers must obtain operating authority from MoDOT Motor Carrier Services before operating in or between Missouri municipalities and/or in commercial zones.

Household goods carriers must also file applications to reflect increases and decreases in operational costs.

Gaining operating authority in Missouri includes an application process. The Application to Operate Intrastate (MO-1 Form) guides you through the process. It prompts you to take several steps including but not limited to:

  • Provide proof of insurance. Click Here to see Household Goods Motor Carrier Insurance Requirements
  • Pay $10 per vehicle.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory safety fitness.
  • Report whether you intend to carry hazardous materials.
  • Declare your intent to operate wholly within Missouri commercial zones.
  • Provide a list of your vehicles’ type, model year, make, reasonable value and ownership status.
  • Provide proof of financial fitness.


Tariff Information