Ransomware on the Rise

Ransomware on the Rise

on Dec 9, 2016

Ransomeware, a type of software that computer hackers use to hold individuals’ data hostage by blocking access to files unless they agree to pay a ransom, is on the rise. Anyone with an internet connection is vulnerable, including your business.
In March, cyber criminals took a Baltimore hospital’s computing system hostage. Hackers installed ransomware on the hospital’s systems and required
that a ransom of 45 bitcoins be paid. That translates to about $18,500.

Since 2005, federal internet crime logs show nearly 7,700 ransomware complaints totaling $57.6 million in damages – a number that includes ransoms paid as well as other costs incurred by the victims.

How can you protect your business from ransomware attacks? According to the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection, it’s important to ensure your software is always up-to-date. Avoid questionable links or downloading untrustworthy attachments. And be sure to back up your important files.

Ransomware is not only a growing risk for your own business operations, but it has the potential to put your clients’ private information at risk too. To learn more about defending against ransomware, check out the Federal Trade Commission’s complimentary videos and resources online.


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