Code of Ethics

The members of the Missouri Movers Association, Inc. (MMA) wish to pledge the following:Delivery Man or Mover - Courtesy

  • To accept only qualified and professional personnel into MMA.
  • To show non-discrimination of service between customers.
  • That each of our members will set standards, which permit high quality and reliability of service.
  • That every employee in the organization will be honest, trustworthy, clean and courteous in all actions.
  • That we will maintain our moving vans, equipment and warehouses in a clean and sound condition, providing only industry approved containers for packing services.
  • To provide helpful moving information, accurate estimates and cost effective means for relocation services.
  • To employ proper training and professional techniques while handling and protecting your personal effects.
  • To work close with our customers to honor their requests when scheduling their moves, providing up-to-date dispatch information through-out the process.
  • To provide a prompt response to any issue or damage claim, and to bring resolve in a timely manner.
  • To investigate every complaint for violation of this code and to expel any unworthy and unfair violators from our membership.

“Our goal is to provide our customers the utmost in proficiently performed services. These codes convey the seriousness of commitment we have to our clients while assisting them during their relocation process.” – MMA members